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There's just something so romantic about the springtime blossoms of wisteria hanging down from their branches. Is it the promise of long, lazy summer days to come or simply the graceful cascades of petals imitating a waterfall?

Who says roses are the only flowers for Valentine’s Day? Why not buy your Sweetheart a living Valentine’s Day gift rather than a dozen, overpriced roses that will be dead in a week?  

Looking around the landscape in the middle of winter can be a rather dreary proposition. The cold night temperatures take their toll on frost-sensitive plants and even plants that are considered cold hardy can start to look a bit rough around the edges. Until you come across this show-stopper! Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’ has actually gotten better looking with the cooler temperatures. The yellow, orange and red colors of this plant have intensified and it truly looks like ‘Sticks on Fire.’

What's great about San Diego? Well, many things but one in particular is our long summers. Temperatures may be dipping in other parts of the country but not here! We're still enjoying warm summer-like days, they may be getting shorter but we've got some beautiful Hibiscus blossoms that thrive this time of year.

They’re Creepy and they’re Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky…”  The opening line to the quirky Addam’s Family song portrays their eccentric, morbid lifestyle. We think it can also apply to some sinister plants in our nursery. How so, you may ask?

Are you familiar with the “Twilight” fantasy romance series? The handsome vampire, Edward, sweeps the hopelessly infatuated mortal, Bella, off her feet; they fall in love and…I don’t want to tell you the whole story and ruin it for you but I’m sure you get the idea. What was so unusual about Edward, other than his good looks and charm? His skin had an iridescent glow to it when exposed in the light.

Have you noticed the colorful hillsides of San Diego lately? They look like there was a sale on hot pink, fuzzy blankets and the whole world decided to get in on the bargain. At times, the thought has crossed my mind that it would be fun to wrap myself up in all that fuzzyness and roll down the hillside like a little kid. I mean, really…what is all that ‘pinkness’ on the hillsides?


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