Fall Is For Planting - President's Message

Fall Is For Planting

Garden Experts have been extolling the virtues of planting in the fall for as long as I have been running Evergreen Nursery – and that is a long time (40 years)!  However, this year and the past few years, fall planting is more important than ever.  With the extended drought and greater and greater water conservation measures now required, many of our customers are looking to us for help selecting water saving alternatives.  Fortunately, our annual million dollar fall sale starts on Thursday, October 2nd and we have some nifty water savers on sale.  Check your newspaper and our website for our ad on Thursday.

But whether you get your plants on sale or not, here are a few tidbits of information about water wise fall planting.  Many California natives, succulents and natives of other arid zones do best when planted in the fall.  They have a growth cycle that patterns after our local rainfall cycles and humidity.  By planting in the fall, the plants have an opportunity to get established, take advantage of what rainfall we do get and be prepared to withstand the spring growing season and summer heat. 

Like many of our plants that come from other regions, most of our customers are not “California Natives” and come from other areas where spring planting has to be the order of the day.  So, if you’re a transplant, you may have to shake off that media driven fallacy and start planting!  Quite coincidentally our plants usually look their best in the fall and the annual fall sale gives you values above and beyond our everyday low wholesale prices.


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