Featured Plant For October 2014

Yes, you have seen this flower before, and yes, this plant will grow here. More commonly known as Plumeria, it is the flower used to make Hawaiian leis. Very pretty, very fragrant, and blooms in the summer through early fall in a few different colors. (Currently we have pink available) It needs to be planted in a frost-free area in well drained soil. Plumerias grow very well in pots and can be brought indoors temporarily if you live in an area that might get some frost.  A fun, kid-friendly project is to propagate them and add more plants to your garden. Send us an email if you would like the steps sent to you
Points of Interest:
  • They like the sun
  • Great for cut flowers
  • Ample water, but too much water that does not drain well, will rot the trunk
  • Plant near a window to enjoy the fragrance
  • GIve it some space, they can get big. 
  • Stop feeding and reduce water in the fall
  • Will go dormant in the winter

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