How Plants and Trees Can Help Cut Your Energy Costs

      Strategically planted trees and shrubs can cut energy costs, both in summer air conditioning and in winter heating.  Evergreen trees (those that are green all year) such as Camphor, Magnolia and Carrotwood and shrubs planted as screens such as Privet and Photinia not only block the noise, but provide insulation and protection from the wind and sun.  Deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves in the fall) such as Tipu, Goldenrain, and Elm planted on the west and south sides of your home block the sun’s rays in the summer yet allow sunlight to penetrate in the winter.  And, in addition to cutting energy costs, landscaping your yard also adds to its beauty and value.

      To help you select the best energy saving plants for your garden, draw a plan of your home and yard, paying particular attention to showing compass points. Bring it in to one of our experienced salespeople who can help you pick out that speial shade tree for that hot south facing wall or a loely green hedge to block noise and wind.  If you tell our experts the planting area size and general growing conditions they will be able to recommend landscape material best suited to your needs and your own unique weather environment. 

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